The girl from Kansas City


The girl from Kansas City – a Capricorn with flaxen hair and sun-speckled cheeks – this environmentalist’s passions lie in the depths of nature and realms of meditation. One hot morning not so long ago she led us off the beaten path towards Joshua Tree, where we captured her at her purest – grounded in nature, face to the sun.

“My dreams are to help inspire change by engaging in health and wellness [and] helping to teach this so others can connect with their best selves. I believe when we heal, the planet heals.”

An industry icon, she was scouted in her hometown after her sister convinced her to tag along for a modelling program. Years later, she’s faced campaigns for Calvin Klein, Christian Dior and Chanel and played muse to Hans Feurer and Steven Meisel.

“The best story I ever heard is that many of the greatest achievers in history were motivated by the love of another.”

One of five children, she was raised in the great outdoors. “I was a tomboy who loved to run around barefoot and catch insects in the large field next to my home. I played in the creek & caught frogs and love to climb trees.” Nowadays, you’ll find the model, mother of two and Kundalindi yoga teacher surrounded by sprawling nature and wildlife in the small village of Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles.

“I’m surrounded my acres upon acres of trees, birds, and nature. I feel so grateful because I truly feel like I created the dream I had as a kid.”

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